Video: the Franschhoek wine valley, South Africa

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Video: the Franschhoek wine valley, South Africa

Today I began a report on a visit to Franschhoek. It’s a wine region that is often misunderstood: the narrative is, that as the leading gastronomic destination in the Cape, it’s good for restaurants but bad for wine. This is unfair. Here’s a film I shot of the valley and some of its leading vignerons, who think there is something distinctive and special about this place. Over the next few days, I’ll be adding in-depth reviews of all the wines I tried on this trip.

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4 thoughts on “Video: the Franschhoek wine valley, South Africa

  1. Thank you for your detailed coverage of South Africa. It’s an underrepresented area on the web, sorely lacking for coverage in most wine media. And what’s on the store shelves, at least in the US, is not a good representation of some of the exciting wine coming out of ZA. Good to see it get the respect it deserves.

  2. Agreed, so thanks Jamie. I have been hand selling SA for the last 2 yrs or more when helping out downtown and my comments are always well received.
    That Semillon vineyard is extra special I would say.

  3. Franschhoek is an absolutely amazing wine growing appellation. Older than Bordeaux and producing stunning, world class wines worthy of merit. I’ve tasted the most recent batch of Semillon from Basil’s block and it is simply sublime. Winemaker Wynand Grobler is setting the standard (at Rickety Bridge Winery) and others in the valley are following.

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