Video: tasting three rather interesting Chardonnays

11 thoughts on “Video: tasting three rather interesting Chardonnays

  1. Interesting as have not tasted the Migliarina chardonnay although I do like the shiraz.—–have only tasted the 2006. Did not realise Carsten made white wine and I would be interested to learn where he bought the fruit from.

  2. Totally agreed with you on that Chardonnay has lost its appeal to Sauvignon Blancs in the recent years. I’ve just recently gotten back into Chardonnays again (though sometimes it’s so hard to find one that’s not overoaked!) and really love one that’s got a bit of bottle age. Thank you for sharing these 3 great wines. Will seek them out.

  3. Jamie

    Totally agree with your views on Chardonnay but why are you drinking out of a Pinot Noir Glass? You should try the Marilyn Monroe bosom shaped “Monrachet” glass from the same range…

    On a separate note, are you backing MCFC to win the Prem this year?

  4. Jamie. Great you published this. I was wondering the other day what good Chardonnays there might be around since they have become fashionable to be distainful of (especially after cheaper over oaked stuff). Thanks

  5. Good to hear about this type of wine. A couple of suggestions for the video: 1) Try to make it a bit shorter, 2) If you have drop-shadows on your subtitles, they would be more readable (and apparently, giving them 85% opacity also helps, but that’s a bit subtle for me).

  6. Thanks for the comments. I use the same glass for most of my tastings – if you make sure it’s pretty much empty, it’s not a factor, really.

    Cobaw Ridge: cobawridge at

    I like the Montrachet glass, but don’t have one to hand, hence the Pinot Noir glass

  7. Hi Jamie, interesting to note you had two bottles open of the last wine, the Cobaw Ridge…. clearly there was something wrong with the first bottle? Was it corked / oxidized / tainted??

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