Video: tasting the Cape Winemakers’ Guild auction wines 2016

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Video: tasting the Cape Winemakers’ Guild auction wines 2016


Back in 1981, when the Cape Winemakers’ Guild was first formed, the South African wine scene was very different to how it is today. One of the founder members of the CWG, Kevin Arnold of Waterford Estate, recalls how the organization began as a way for isolated winemakers in the Cape to share knowledge and taste more widely. The inaugural meeting consisted of just five winemakers tasting through all five Bordeaux first growths. Since then, the CWG has grown, the South African wine industry has matured, and it is now a multifaceted winemakers’ association. As well as the high profile auction of CWG wines held each year, there are monthly meetings where the members get together and taste and discuss. And there’s also a mentoring aspect where young winemakers are helped along their journey by more experienced colleagues.

Yesterday we met at Berry Brothers and Rudd to taste through a selection of the auction wines. The tasting was led by Miles Mossop, the chair of the CWG, with support from Kevin Arnold, Rianie Strydom, and Boela Gerber. Here’s a short film of the tasting, including interviews with the winemakers who explain how the CWG works, how they select the wines they enter, and what it means to them to be members of this organization.

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