Video: day 3 of ProWein 2017


Video: day 3 of ProWein 2017

Some highlights from the third and final day of ProWein 2017. I should add that these highlight films are not meant to be representative of the fair. Most people are there to do huge deals and very serious business. I’m there to earn money from seminars (something I’m quite good at – doing the seminars, that is, not necessarily earning the money), and then in the time I have left, to find interesting things. Most of the wine at ProWein is desperately dull and a bit depressing: but this only reflects the fact that 90% of all wine is crap. But the world needs a lot of very cheap, bad wine, because that’s what the market demands, and ProWein is a big showcase for these. Personally, I find nothing to say about most wines of this kind, which is why I don’t feature them here. There are good, cheap wines, and I do feature those, but you have to look hard for them. My focus is on the interesting wines, that have something to say, and which speak of a place. Fortunately there are more of these than there used to be, and their number is growing.

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  1. Ooh fun! Remind me to tell you about some Georgian Kvevri wines I tried at RAWWine fair in London the other week. Especially those made from wild vines…

  2. “90% of all wine is crap”. So I guess the only good wines about today are predominantly fetish wines i.e. ‘nature’, biodynamic, amphora etc?

  3. The world needs cheap wine, it does not have to be crap. Of course tax and other costs limits the quality variables, but all crap?

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