Video: Benoit Gouez introduces Moet & Chandon’s new Ice Imperial

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Video: Benoit Gouez introduces Moet & Chandon’s new Ice Imperial

I caught up with Moet & Chandon’s chef du cave Benoit Gouez, who was in town to launch a new Champagne. It’s Ice Imperial, a Champagne made with the intention of serving it on the rocks.

Traditionalists will be horrified. Here’s my interview with Benoit, who explains the concept behind it, the wine itself, and then we get to taste it: it feels strange – the ice cubes are added to the Champagne once it has been poured and this seems deeply wrong. But what did the resulting drink taste like?

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3 thoughts on “Video: Benoit Gouez introduces Moet & Chandon’s new Ice Imperial

  1. Interesting video, reminds a little bit of what Magner’s did with cider. Why do you think it is deeply wrong to put the ice in afterwards? What temperature was the champagne served at before the addition of the ice?

  2. Hey Jamie,

    Thanks for the video. I think the most important thing to consider for a conceptual product like this is what is the price? I mean this is supposed to be a more casual, refreshing, fun style of Champagne, so the price should reflect this.

    I would currently consider the Brut Imperial to be quite over priced for the quality. At $60 CDN I can also get great grower Champagne from Vilmart or R L Legras for the same price. So if I was even to consider something like the Ice Imperial I think it would have to be considerably less.

    Also I think you would agree that this is purely a marketing concept drink. This isn’t really Champagne. It has nothing to do with the region. It is a drink meant to drive sales up during the summer or for a younger demographic. There is no history or tradition or even sense of place here.

    It would be interesting to try without a doubt and I am actually sure it is quite tasty and refreshing. But is this what Champagne should be? What would motivate me to buy something like this? Sadly I have visions of rappers in music videos pouring this stuff all over scantily clad women.

    Would like to hear more of your thoughts on this.

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