Video: at the Real Wine Fair

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Video: at the Real Wine Fair


So on Monday, after judging at the International Wine Challenge, I managed to hot foot it over to Wapping (via the wonderful Overground, which makes East-West travel in London so much easier) to catch a bit more of the Real Wine Fair. I’m pictured above with Daniel Honan, aka The Wine Idealist, who’d come over from Australia to present a seminar.

It was worth it: I made some new discoveries. But I still left a lot undiscovered, alas.

Anyway, here’s a short film of me reporting from the Real Wine Fair, to give you a feel for the event.

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4 thoughts on “Video: at the Real Wine Fair

  1. Looks like a great venue, nice and airy. Wish we had a place like that up here, LOL.
    Due to my location, I have not had any access to natural wine and feel sure I am missing out.

    Best Bob

  2. I saw the producer list.. its really too bad that no producers from the US were represented there.. there are so many interesting things going on there.

  3. Great people making some really innovative and authentic wines. There is a genuine enthusiasm; many of these winemakers are humble, non-commercial types who cannot make a huge margin so coming to Real Wine Fair must be a labour of love. Look forward to your notes (and video?) on the Georgian Supra and wines served.

  4. Great little snapshot Jamie.

    Agree about venue and thoroughly agree about the exciting nature of the wines. For once it was a tasting that I could have returned to for a second, even third day.

    On this showing, I hope I am right in predicting that many of the wines tasted will now slipstream ever more rapidly into wine bars and restaurants here in the UK.

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