The Fourth Grand Blind New Year Champagne Tasting

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The Fourth Grand Blind New Year Champagne Tasting

So here it is. Longer and better than ever! 11 wines in the mix: 9 Champagnes (one a £10 bottle), 2 English sparkling wines, all tasted blind on camera. Can Beavington and I spot the cheapie? Can we spot the English wines? Which is our favourite? 53 minutes of viewing pleasure.


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9 thoughts on “The Fourth Grand Blind New Year Champagne Tasting

  1. Well, that was a fun tasting, great that the UK Nyetimber showed up. Legras is a name we do not see in Canada but we do find the cognac-y GD here of course.
    The Delamotte is one I will check out for sure.

    Bob Alberta

  2. We had the Nyetimber 2004 (Majestic) and 2008 (Waitrose), both in the new packaging and label. The 2004 was much much better, I would say 9, compared to a 7 for the 2008. We had 4 bottles of the 2004 and they were consistenly good, but only 1 bottle of the 2008. We also had some Nicolas Feuillatte NV bough from Tesco direct and it was a max 5, and then a bottle of Hardy’s Auz fizz which drove to move on to still wine.

  3. I liked it! and watched most if not all of it. A couple things that might help make it even more fun for viewers: structure the reveal a bit better – unless a viewer was noting your scores/guesses as you went it was not that clear who guessed/rated what at the end; give us up-close snaps of the bottles to avoid cuvée ambiguity; compete – I think you should score your guesses and see who wins maybe giving Beavington a few points start; keep it <=45mins!

    Happy New Year!

  4. I agree with Robert as I too found the unveiling quite confusing and struggled to keep up.
    The numbering of the bottles was also strange imo.


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