The 2013 Polish Hill and Springvale Rieslings from Jeffrey Grosset

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The 2013 Polish Hill and Springvale Rieslings from Jeffrey Grosset


Jeffrey Grosset is widely regarded to be Australia’s top Riesling producer. Based in the Clare Valley, in South Australia, he makes two premium Rieslings from different sites, and they are both brilliant. I had a chance to try the recently released 2013s and here are my verdicts.

Grosset Springvale Riesling 2013 Clare Valley, Australia
Lively, precise, very pure and bone dry. Mineral with a hint of spice and some talcum notes, as well as lemon and lime fruit. Laser sharp focus, but there’s a bit of richness here providing balance. Such precision: a lovely wine. 93/100

Grosset Polish Hill Riesling 2013 Clare Valley, Australia
Very fine and fresh; limey and precise. There’s a bit of grapefruit, too. Lean, fresh, dry and so mineral this has lovely weight. Lively, bright and with great acidity, it avoids being austere. Less showy than the Springvale, but with more substance and mineral depth, and a bit more concentration. 94/100

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4 thoughts on “The 2013 Polish Hill and Springvale Rieslings from Jeffrey Grosset

  1. Australia’s “top Riesling producer”; why not “one of…”, Louisa Rose (Pewsey Vale) might have a thing or two to say about that. One of those generalisations that makes a mockery of “widely regarded” without context.

  2. Damien – not sure what axe you have to grind, but Grosset is referred to by Jancis Robinson as ‘Australia’s acknowledged King of riesling’; by Halliday as “Australia’s foremost Riesling producer”; Parker referred to Polish Hill Riesling as “The finest riesling I have ever tasted from Australia”. The Langton”s Classification of Australian Wine places the Watervale Riesling at the second highest level of “Outstanding” and the Polish Hill Riesling at the highest level of “Exceptional”. Pewsey Vale gets into the fourth tier of distinguished….which does make it the ‘next best’ so is hardly an insult.

    There is no need for any context regarding ‘widely regarded’ – Grosset is ‘widely regarded’ as the foremost Riesling producer in Australia and to say as much is not in any way to snipe at other producers. And I reckon if you asked Louisa Rose she would almost certainly acknowledge that herself.

    In fact I would go as far as saying its tough to think of another winery / winemaker that is more synonymous with one grape in one specific country, and has such a lead in terms of heritage and consistency, than Grosset with Aus Riesling.

  3. No axe being ground Nick, just pointing to the use of hyperbole in wine writing where everything has to be ‘best’ ‘finest’ etc. As for you last point, without thinking about it, try Gaja and Nebbiolo/Piedmont, Paolo di Marchi Sangiovese/Tuscany for a start.
    As for heritage; Pewsey Vale was founded in 1847, Grosset 1981. It’s all about balance.

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