Takaki Okada’s after-vintage hangi

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Takaki Okada’s after-vintage hangi

I landed in New Zealand just in time to catch Takaki Okada’s (Folium Vineyard) after-vintage hangi. For the last few years Takaki has hosted this event. A hangi is a traditional Māori way of cooking, and it involves burying the food in a pit after lighting a fire. A few hours later, the hangi is unearthed and the food is removed. The result is beautifully tender meat and vegetables with a distinctive smoky taste. Here’s a short film of the hangi:


People brought wine, and we drank really well. I didn’t take any notes, but from memory these were some of the wines we enjoyed.

A nice trio of 1995 Côte Rôties from Rostaing. The Landonne was dense and firm, with good structure and some developing still to do. The Blonde, in contrast, was really floral and open, with some wildness. A nice treat to try these.

Takaki’s reserve Pinot from 2014. A lovely, balanced wine. (See write up here.)

A blend of Pinot and Gamay. Not complex but beautifully drinkable and delicious.

This is a nicely mature Brunello with lovely savoury complexity and drinkability.

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