Musar 2005, the Moose is on good form


Musar 2005, the Moose is on good form

I just love Chateau Musar, the famous Lebanese wine from the Bekaa Valley. It’s a remarkable wine: one that technically possesses a number of wine faults, but which just seems to work. It’s slightly oxidative. It has relatively high volatile acidity. It shows some characteristics of Brettanomyces. But it is delicious, and ages beautifully. The latest release is the 2005 (of the red, but let’s remember there’s a fabulous, complex, quirky white, too), and it’s a good-un.

Chateau Musar 2005 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
Sweet, aromatic, warm nose of spices, black cherry, tar and herbs with a fine earthy note. Lovely perfume. The palate is warm, smooth and seamless with spice and hints of animal, as well as some earthiness. Silky and textured with fine-grained tannins. Really elegant and fresh, a classic Musar. 94/100 (around £20, Majestic, Waitrose, The Wine Society and others)

A selfie tasting note video:


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  1. Hi – I love Chateau Musar too, though I haven´t had any for a while.

    I think it´s a very good point you make about it´s ok to have Brett, VA etc, if you like the wine.

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