Alsace season, 3: tasting four wines on camera

2 thoughts on “Alsace season, 3: tasting four wines on camera

  1. Totally agree with you on Alsace wines Jamie – we should be drinking a lot more of them! I just spent a few days camping in Ribeauville – it is an beautiful area with lots of quality producers. Henry Fuchs Equinox 2005 was a find and is under a tenner in the UK I think.

  2. Great video. Your no-nonsense approach to tasting the wines was very refreshing (no rinsing, no spitting, no dump bucket), I love it!
    Also your discriptors are clear and understandable. I always get the linalool in muscats and compare it to Turkish Delight and on one trip home to England bought some TD to bring back to the States so my husband could get what I was going on about. (Had to do the same thing with a packet of Parma Violets and a bottle of Margaux.)

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