Wines of the year, as decided by Instagram (2)


Wines of the year, as decided by Instagram (2)

Following on from my earlier post, looking at the most popular wines on my Instagram feed in 2017, here’s the next batch of wines. We begin with the Jura, and a hot favourite is Ganevat.

I begin with this Vines de Mon Pere, drunk with Mr Wregg. Only in magnum. Amazing.

This is a red – Plousard – and it was drunk at Scotch Bar in Blenheim in June.

The Florine: enjoyed with chums at Brilliant Corners.

And more mainstream, but also compelling, the Pelican Trois Cepages at 10 Cases.

Burgundy: lots of treats this year. This was shared with Greg Sherwood and others.

And this was drunk in Mornington Peninsula at a dinner.

Dirk Niepoort shared a taste of this mature Laroche in Germany in March, and it was just lovely.

Gotta love Roulot, the new Coche. Such good wines.

This lived up to its elevated reputation. Drunk at the IPNC. Remarkable stuff.

Raveneau! 2014: a great vintage, and drunk far too young at a dinner in Mendoza.

I had this at Norm’s in early November. Very tight and youthful, but lovely purity.

Chunky and dense, but I can’t remember where I was when I had this.

Had this 2009 Roulot at Iona, out among the vines with Andrew and Werner.

New Zealand made a few appearances. This Albarino put in a good showing, off the list at a restaurant in Wellington.

Seresin’s Chardonnay proved popular, too.

Polished but serious, I commented on this delicious Le Sol.

Burn Cottage Pinot 2012 was superb, drunk with Brian and Marion and their winemaker Kosie in Elgin.

Not an expensive wine: Te Awa’s Gisborne Albarino. Popular because of the variety, I think, which is settling in well into New Zealand.

Australia made just three appearances. I tried this Timo Meyer in Japan. It is superb.

And a couple of Ochota Barrels wines. Taras and Amber are making beautiful wines.

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  1. Clos de Vougeot
    ‘Chunky and dense, but I can’t remember where I was when I had this.’
    You’ve forgotten that cleavage already!?

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