Wine has never been so good!


Wine has never been so good!

For all the moaning about the internationalization of wine styles (something that I am concerned about), I need to point out that there’s never been so much good wine in the world as there is now.

While one sector of the wine market sells its soul and makes grim spoofulated fare, there’s also a large band of producers who are making characterful terroir wines – wines of personality, that reflect a sense of place, and aim at elegance and definition rather than power and weight.
Across the world, new terroirs are being prospected. Natural wines are growing in popularity. The by-product of the high (and increasing) prices of fine wines is that more producers can justify the high financial outlay in making serious wine.

I taste and drink exciting wines on a daily basis, and I’m really pleased that it’s almost impossible for any one person to keep track of what’s going on in the wine world these days.

So there are many reasons to be positive. Let’s keep this positivity the emphasis. [Pictured is the new Talinay vineyard of Tabali, in Limari, with limestone soils, near the coast.]

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6 thoughts on “Wine has never been so good!

  1. This is a point well worth making repeatedly. Sometimes when I’m tasting some juicy, racy, no-frills artisan wine made of some indigenous variety I think of my grandfather who never had the chance to drink wines so pure and well-made.

  2. Yes good point. Just wish though it was possible to make good artisinal wines and at the same time a reasonable return for investors:)
    Although I suppose most of us went into the business because we love creating fine wine.

  3. Hear hear Jamie. It’s terrific how good the standard of viticulture and winemaking is right now, and is getting better. Certainly here in Australia I think the scene is getting better almost despite the significant oversupply issues – the necessary shakedown is happening and it’s smaller, more artisanal producers coming to the fore. The fact that this is the focus for the national promotional body is also a positive, and odd as it sounds, that Foster’s have removed themselves from funding those efforts in the UK is also a positive, for that is a move to greater transparency in a sense (as a company their true focus is the bulk stuff, no matter how much they play on Penfolds’ grand old name, history etc).

    All in all, despite challenges of oversupply and changing climate, wine has never been better. Chin chin!

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