Why I love camping


Why I love camping

So just back from five days camping. We were in a field in somerset, with three other families plus a few supernumerary kids on loan.

It rained quite a bit – well, it rained more than the sun shone. But it was great fun.

I love camping. It’s a great antidote to modern life. You connect with the elements and the primal human need for warmth, shelter and food.

Most of all, though, it is a communal way of living where all the members of a group share their lives together for a period. For our family, that is a very good thing. My boys really enjoyed it. The mixture of families, with kids of a variety of ages, was very healthy.

I really enjoy living outdoors, under a big sky, facing the elements (a little – after all, it is summer, even if it is a particularly damp one). The simple act of putting the kettle on to boil and making some coffee brings with it a lot of pleasure, when the coffee is shared with others.

We drank some wine. Not a huge amount: a glass with our evening meal, then a couple of glasses later on, as we sat and chatted. Although the wine was modest (reds from the local Tesco – Gran Tesoro Garnacha and Storks’ Tower Tempranillo Shiraz) and was consumed from plastic glasses, the sense of camaraderie elevated the wine to a higher plane.

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  1. Most wine purchased in the UK comes from the supermarket and cost between £4 & £7 per bottle. These every day occassions are exactly what makes the UK wine world tick. People are what makes the whole experience so special. Although to open a really special bottle or two on occasion does hold a beauty of it’s own too.

  2. http://goglamping.net/location/united-kingdom/england/

    There is a camping dream for everybody. From a wine perspectiv, for me it has to be Banrock Station Shiraz Mataro 3L. Good ratio of packaging weight to wine, no risk of breakages and folds away when empty to take for recycling + the wine is delicious ! Not very ‘on-trend’ with most posts on here, but with friends, sunset and served in plastic beakers it’s great.

  3. Visit me in California next summer – I’ll take you camping in Yosemite – Tuolumne Meadows @ 8,600 ft elevation – just got back from 6 days there- brilliant blue sky, crisp clear air – granite peaks – fantastic! – will include one day in Yosemite valley. We brought one Brit w/ us and met others there in the campground.

  4. Hi there Jamie
    Hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I’m the Features Director here at Best magazine and I’m trying to put together a piece on camping, after a quick google I cam across your blog piece on why you like camping.
    I wondered whether you might consider working with us on our piece?
    Do let me know what you think. I’d be happy to include a plug for your blog too.
    Cheers so much

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