Vichy Catalan mineral water


Vichy Catalan mineral water


In Spain last week I was introduced to Vichy Catalan mineral water. This is the most remarkable and tasty water I have ever experienced. It tastes a bit salty, but more than that – really mineral, with a very distinctive texture. This is really interesting to me, as I’m quite obsessed by the concept of minerality in wine. Look at the analysis in the picture below, if you can read it. The data are in milligrams per litre, so you can see that there’s over 1 g of salt per litre and over 2 g of bicarbonate. Fabulous stuff.


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7 thoughts on “Vichy Catalan mineral water

  1. You can find all the baristas at Monmouth drinking it as well. I found out about it in Seville a long time ago, and became really obsessed. But here in the UK it’s hard to come by. Sometimes Aqua Amore has it in stock, at a steep price! Great stuff though.

  2. This is the house water of most bars and restaurants in Mallorca (at least in our neck of the woods). Interesting taste, though it doesn’t do a great job of refreshing in 30+ temperatures, since the saltiness is accompanied by a distinct and mouth-coating oily texture. About as marmite as water gets – could this be the natural wine of the water world? Over to you, Keith…

  3. Yep – it really stands out, I totally agree about the mouth-coating salty nature. I like it if I don’t feel like drinking booze, seems a bit more interesting than just plain tap water.

  4. I love Vichy Catalan and am very pleased to find some people (other than my wife) who do as well.

    I actually find it extremely refreshing in the heat, despite the texture. Last time I was in Spain, I discovered it in cans, which is an idea of pure genius

    Definitely a love/hate thing though as everyone else I have given it to has recoiled in horror.

    Will have to see if I can get some from Aqua Amore

  5. A very hot topic in connection with the upcoming hot summer.

    Light water salinity is a must.

    Especially natural mineralization.

    Unfortunately, many bottled just filtering the aqueduct water.

    Thanks for the info

  6. Vichy Catalan is truly a wonderful mineral water, which I have purchased from Aqua Amore in London for many years now.

    I’ve consulted with them on several locations over the telephone, and tried several of their naturally sparkling waters but nothing quite hits the spot like Vichy Catalan in a glass bottle (even more than their cans!)

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