Update from the infowine forum


Update from the infowine forum

I’m sitting in the infowine forum here in Vila Real, Portugal.

Steve Charters (pictured) is talking – he’s discussing marketing wine to generation Y. It’s really interesting: these are the future wine consumers, and Steve is summarizing research (so it is not just arm waving and theory) on the behaviour of Gen Y, with specific reference to wine.

Earlier, I spoke. I think it went well, but it’s really hard to assess your own performance.

Even earlier, I had a bite to eat and a beer with Dirk Niepoort, one of my wine heroes. It was nice to catch up with him. Jorge Moreira, another of my Portuguese wine heroes is also here.

More later.

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5 thoughts on “Update from the infowine forum

  1. Good wine is a product of long tradition, new generation of wine drinkers should learn to appreciate it and not to expect the tradition to be bend for them. When creating a wine to fit specific customer group the result is usually disappointing.

  2. On the contrary – there are plenty examples in the USA of wine being “designed” either by the winemaker or the packaging department for a specific customer group and the results are often very successful.

  3. For people to ‘learn to appreciate’ the traditional styles of wine, they have to start somewhere. If someone enjoys Australian Pink Moscato through a straw but it introduces them eventually to Asti, then to Champagne and so on… is it such a bad thing? Its great diversity is what makes wine such a compelling and wonderful thing!

  4. Tom – agreed. Jamie introduced me to D’Angludet, then onto Cos D’Estournel and then to DRC.

  5. Hi!
    Greetings from Brazil! About two months ago I participated in a Forum at Vinotech (a wine technology fair) in the south of Brazil (our most important wine region) and a Portuguese wine marketing specialist (who now lives and works in Brazil) gave a speech about Generation Y.
    I don’t really know if the data was incomplete, but I felt it a little far fetched. Haven’t you?
    On another related subject, Portuguese wine was always a major in Brazil. Probably because we once were their colony and a huge number of descendents are now Brazilians. But a few years ago, not only because the quality of our own wine has risen but also because global economy made the ‘euros’ very expensive for us, there was a decline in consumption of portuguese wine in Brazil.
    Nowadays, I am happy to say, that this consumption has risen again. And portuguese labels are regaining space in our shelves. They have been making new partnerships with brazilian sellers and investing in marketing again.
    So, to me as a wine journalist and also as a consumer, I welcome the discussion that wil probably lead to better business choices.
    By the way, did you have the chance to try any brazilian wines during the London Wine Fair? Many friends of mine were there.
    Best Regards,

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