Two gins from Inverroche, South Africa


Two gins from Inverroche, South Africa

inverroche amber

While I was in Franschhoek, Rob Armstrong of Haut Espoir introduced me to two gins, both from local producer Inverroche. Included in the list of botanicals is wild Cape fynbos. They were quite lovely.

Inverroche Amber Gin
43% alcohol
Gold/amber colour. Lovely spicy, tangy, pithy notes with marmalade and mint. Some oily, spicy notes, too. This has a big contribution from Buchu and Helichrysiums – distinctive fynbos that add a lot of character. I like the oily, spicy notes and the slight medicinal edge. 8.5/10

inverroche verdant

Inverroche Verdant Gin
43% alcohol
So pretty and lovely. Fine, expressive, spicy and vivid with some sweet floral notes and a bit of juniper and aniseed. So lovely. 8.5/10

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  1. When I was at the distillery in Stillbaai, they suggested serving the amber with orange peel and the verdant with lemon peel. It makes them even more delicious!

  2. Hi Jamie, Thanks very much for mentioning Inverroche Distillery’s gins in your wine blog. I wonder if you would be willing for me to include your blog comments on Inverroche’s Facebook page?
    Best wishes,
    Media relations at Inverroche Distillery

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