The siren call of wine


The siren call of wine

Wine has a strange ability to draw people in. To win their hearts.

I don’t quite understand it, but there’s something special about wine. Wine makes people want to work hard for low pay, just because they love the stuff.

It makes them want to study hard educating themselves.

It causes people to travel the world’s wine regions for no other reason than curiosity and passion.

Wine’s siren call leads people to change career, leaving secure jobs for precarious freelance lifestyles, or working the land and making wine, or opening economically risky wine bars or shops.

I can split my life into two rather distinct periods: before I was hooked by wine, and after.

Is there another drink or food item that has the same magnetic appeal?

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5 thoughts on “The siren call of wine

  1. I think food generally has the same lure at the moment, judging by the incredible amount of food blogs springing up almost daily, the miles of bookshop shelves sagging under the weight of cookbooks and the endless column inches poured away on restaurants, supper clubs, chefs, food producers, new ‘foodie’ finds and supermarket PR.

    But, as you say, at least wine requires study, time and dedication to really get into. And given the choice between yet another ‘top 10 restaurants’ list or getting my hands into the soil of a precarious terraced vineyard high on some hard-to-reach hillside as the sun sets, I know where I’d rather be.

  2. My theory is that wine has some unique features that initially stimulates interest and then contributes to keep us spellbound.

    Wine talks to all your senses. Tasting a wine gives your nose and palate a great treat. It’s a sensoric experience.

    Wine stimulates your intellect. There is so much to learn about it. History, biology, geology, chemistry, geography, etc. As well as all the people dedicated to making wine, to learn their stories and their philosophy. Additionally, the world of wine is constantly changing. There are always more to learn.

    Last, but not least important; wine is a social experience. Wine is something you share with your friends. It gives you memorable moments together with other wine lovers.

    No wonder that the community of wine lovers are growing. Wine is magic!

  3. I dare say chocolate probably has the same magnetism. In fact it’s very much like wine with its long history, large variations and the “I’m on cloud nine” feeling when tasting something sublime.

  4. Try these

    Cheese and cheesemakers?

    Coffee; blend beans, roast, barista skills, presentation?

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