The England football team…


The England football team…

…are staying in the Vineyard Hotel in Newlands, Cape Town. I checked by blog and found out that I stayed there back in November 2005 (entry is on this page, dated 28 November). It was a lovely hotel – far too good for our overpaid, underperforming football stars. At the time I was attending a conference on lung disease in my role as a science editor, but I managed to tag on three very enjoyable days of visiting some of South Africa’s leading wineries.

That’s one of the great things about running a blog. Since 2001 I have chronicled my drinking life in rather too much detail. Even if it is of limited interest to others, it’s great to look back on in retrospect.

My team for the must-win game next Wednesday (4-4-1-1):

James – Johnson, Terry, Dawson, Cole A – Wright Phillips, Lampard, Barry, Cole J – Gerrard – Rooney

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7 thoughts on “The England football team…

  1. I would stick them in Steenberg jail for a few days—might motivate them to pull finger.

  2. I think this is the real test – if he does change, he has little to lose. If he doesn’t change, and we don’t win, it will be the end of him.

  3. Hi Jamie,
    Agree with Joe Cole but no way I would leave Gerrard on bench for SW Philips – maybe there’s some blind Man C loyalty there as he has been pants thus far and i’m amazed/i was spitting feathers when capello brought him on for Lennon on Friday. I still can’t believe how stressed it made me and the 02 Barossa Sparkling Shiraz was tainted in its appeal as a result.
    On another note went to see the mighty Green Day at Wembley last night – just plain bloody amazing (although you need to forgive a few of their ‘musical indulgences’ – such as getting Tre Cool (Drummer) to go through ‘Lulu’s shout’ chorus 3 times). Full on action in the mosh pit and in the latter part of my 39th year I’m seriously feeling it today as I ache everywhere. You would have been pleased with their mini-renditon of ‘Highway to hell’ !

  4. ps – just noticed you were slotting Gerrard in behind Rooney – very silly of me ! still not sure on sw phillips though

  5. Drop Lampard. Great bloke and all that but in last few major internationals he has shown very little ability and missed some pretty big chances.

  6. Hello Jamie,
    I would agree with your team were it not for SWP. What has he done so far on his substitute cameos apart from falling over himself and knocking the ball over the by-line? Lennon it has to be still, although he, admittedly, has underperformed as well.

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