Summer arrives, and a great day’s cricket


Summer arrives, and a great day’s cricket

A fantastic day today. A cricket match. This time, not the wine trade, but a church match, between two Twickenham based Anglican congregations. One large, one smaller. I was playing for the smaller.

It was a perfect day in Marble Hill Park, which is a beautiful location for cricket. Mid-20s Centigrade, with a blue sky. We felt lucky. 30 overs a side.

We bowled first, and I opened. We restricted them to a total of 167-8, which we were quite pleased with. My figures of 6-1-22-2 were OK, but would have been better without a couple of short-pitched deliveries that got hammered.

We began our response well, and at the half-way point were 80-1. But then we never accelerated, and their bowling attack was strong all the way through. I came into bat late on when 3 overs were left and 30-odd runs were required. I hit the first four balls for two each, but then hit a skier that was caught. Eventually we fell five runs short.

It was a really fun game, played in a good spirit. I had to umpire a good portion of our innings, and had three good LBW shouts to deal with. All three were missing leg, but it’s quite a hard call when it’s your own teammates.

We finished off with a refreshing pint of Twickenam Ales Sundancer in the crown – a superbly fresh, citrussy, hoppy brew.

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One thought on “Summer arrives, and a great day’s cricket

  1. A lovely park which is a regular jogging area for me.Feel
    very privileged to live in this area with at least 5 great parks including of course Richmond.
    Such a shame however,that on lovely days like this,so many people do not take their rubbish home with them.
    Marble Hill Park was full of litter this morning with Richmond Green being far worse!!
    Just wish local people had the culture of the Japanese when it comes to litter.

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