Spring – best season of the year


Spring – best season of the year

Although we’ve had some hints of spring over the last weeks, today really feels like the first day of spring, with warm temperatures (just a hint of chill early on), pale, watery sunlight and loud birdsong. The blossom has started to come out. It’s such a hopeful time of year, full of promise.

The birdsong was particularly loud today. Although it can be noisy, it’s never obtrusive. We just tend to filter it out. But it is quite relaxing. I can’t think of a more relaxing sound in all the world than birds twittering away. Perhaps there’s an evolutionary reason for this: do birds only sing when all is well? Do they stop singing in the presence of danger?

We don’t think much about aural beauty. While we recognize beautiful or ugly views, the quality of the sound around us is more-or-less ignored. Yet there’s a lot of aural ugliness in a typical urban environment. I find traffic noise particularly disturbing, and one of the things I love about the countryside is the quietness – except, of course, for the birdsong, or the distant breaking of waves on the shore.

I’m off to Spain this lunchtime, but just for a one-nighter. Barcelona tonight, and then Cava tomorrow. I’m hoping to get back in time for football.

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6 thoughts on “Spring – best season of the year

  1. Waves breaking on a beach in a hot (but not too hot) country at about 7pm is the perfect one for me; preferably with a slightly chilled bottle of white wine, 2 glasses and a beautiful woman at your side… that is basically as good as it gets!

  2. What a lovely post Jamie.

    In my youth I used to love coming home from a night on the sauce, possibly a little worse for wear, when the birds were starting their dawn chorus – particularly the blackbirds or other members of the Thrush family – and listen to their song.

  3. In spring the morning is pleasant, the noon is soothing, the evening is cool and calm, the night is comfortable.

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