Spotted in a Trimbach: a new-look Diam

9 thoughts on “Spotted in a Trimbach: a new-look Diam

  1. What should be necessary is that they switch to Screwcap.. that would be nice.
    Who knows if the adhesives that hold these corks together are toxic over the long term?
    Also if you bottle under screwcap, if someone for some reason wanted to actually keep the wines for a few years, they can. These technical corks are more oxygen permeable.

  2. Keeping the merits or otherwise of Diam to one side, I think it looks pretty damn good. It’s bound to aid consumer acceptance, I’d say, as hardly anyone’s really going to notice or even care.

  3. Definately a good move – imposible to have too many chemicals in contact with wine.

  4. It’s unnecessary, as Diam is still essentially a cork, albeit a remanufactured one. Most consumers would be hard pressed to tell the difference between diam and traditional cork anyway.

  5. Andrew Graham you are so wrong. Diam is a manufactured product. It is glue and scrap bits of cork. It should be in the synthetic column with all the other man made products. You will not see the top 5 in Bordeaux using it because it is oil based glue pretending to be natural.

  6. Andrew,
    Agree with Martin V on this one. We sell a brand in the UK bottled under Diam (reds only) and have only had three complaints in over a million bottles sold. Two of those were customers lamenting the fact that we had used such a cheap looking cork (they look like the old agglomerate Altec corks). We had to point out that in fact Diam was a relatively expensive solution. So this improvement in the look can only help.
    By the way we use screwcap on our white and rose, but for the red we stick to Diam cork because it is a Syrah based blend and there can be reduction issues in screwcap, especially with Syrah

  7. Martin V. I would love to know where you get your facts from as I do not suggest you rely on your sourses anymore….. DIAM is not made from scrap bits of cork. DIAM has more natural cork in it, than what a natural cork has because it is so compressed. DIAM is used world wide in top wines. MYBE YOU SHOULD START DRINKING MORE WINE TO SEE THIS.

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