South Kensington, Etna and Fleurie


South Kensington, Etna and Fleurie

It’s a weird thing, but I often find myself returning to places in London in rapid succession. For example, I hadn’t been in South Kensington for ages until last night; I found myself there again, today.

I took younger son – currently on an extended involuntary leave of absence from school – to the Natural History Museum. It was that or sit at home with him doing homework, which I’ve done plenty of, of late.

We had a lovely time. It’s a really interesting place, fusing the old and the new of museums to good effect, in lovely surroundings (pictured above).

Then, this evening, it was time for a convenors meeting for the London Gastronomy Seminars. These convenors meetings are no great hardship: the five of us have an exceptional dinner at Bronwen and Francis Percival’s place in Borough Market, and discuss ideas. We also drink some wine.

Tonight, two very nice bottles with dinner. Tenuta delle Terre Nere Etna Rosato 2009 is one of the best Roses I’ve had in recent years, with a beautiful sappy elegance to the subtle cherry fruit. And Clos de la Roilette Fleurie 2009 shows why the 2009 Beaujolais are so highly regarded. It’s showing pure dark cherry fruit with lovely grainy structure and good acidity. Both wines were beautifully drinkable.

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