Sorry to miss the European Wine Bloggers Conference


Sorry to miss the European Wine Bloggers Conference

Today is the European Wine Bloggers Conference in Vienna. I would have loved to attend, but it’s a big clash with half-term, when I have a self-imposed travel ban so that I can be home with the kids.

There’s a live feed for those, like me, who couldn’t attend, but this currently isn’t working. I’m following proceedings by using the twitter tag #ewbc.

I’ve been blogging for a while (since 2001, making this one of the oldest of all wine blogs), but there’s lots I have to learn, and the speaker list at the conference looks really good.

One thing I would say, though, is that I have a problem with the label ‘blogger’. I’m not seen as a proper blogger by some, simply because I do other things apart from just blog. On one site cataloguing UK wine bloggers, I’m not listed as a blogger, but in a separate section for blogging journalists. I see blogging as a tool for communicating – it’s good for some purposes, but not for others. I take my blog seriously, and it gets a lot of traffic, but while I like to be taken seriously as a wine blogger, I don’t really want to be labelled as a blogger.

My policy for blogging is little and often. Rough and ready. Immediate, with a strongly personal voice. Of the moment. I’m probably breaking lots of rules.

Anyway, I shall be following the proceedings in Vienna with interest.

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3 thoughts on “Sorry to miss the European Wine Bloggers Conference

  1. “…breaking lots of rules”

    who cares.

    Your content is good, your recommendations are very solid and I have never felt like I am reading an advertorial….. like most food & restaurant blogs.

  2. Hi Jamie
    I’m just back in the UK from Vienna. It was a very interesting, well run conference.

    As regards the use of the word ‘blogger’ – I think the conference title is actually little misleading. A more accurate description might of been ‘European Wine & Digital Media Conference’ or something similar. As you say blogs are just one tool for communicating about wine – something the conference was very quick to acknowedge.

    Anyway, hope you can make 2011 in Franciacorta.

  3. Can’t think of any rules that you could break? Do you know of any?

    As to the name “blogger” it’s becoming a remnant as in “The Masons” are there any Masons in the masons anymore? 🙂

    In the end the whole event is about communication, and publishing, in print, video, audio or otherwise!

    Hope we can see you in Franciacorta next year!

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