Some wine references in films


Some wine references in films

Two good films, recently watched, both had some nice wine references.

First, in Zombieland there’s a scene in Bill Murray’s house where Witchita and Columbus drink some Beaulieu Georges de Latour Reserve 1997. They take some time over the wine and even discuss its age.

Then there’s another Californian wine that crops up in impressive thriller Ghost Writer. Ewan Macgregor is writing the ex-PM’s biog, and the said ex-PM’s wife (Olivia Williams) tries to seduce him, pouring him some wine. She describes it as ‘a biodynamic Chardonnay from Reinhardt vinery in Napa’. I was curious about the reference to biodynamics, as well as to the term ‘vinery’. I couldn’t find a Napa producer called Reinhardt, so this may be fictitious.

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