Some Pinot Noir 2013 people


Some Pinot Noir 2013 people

Some snaps from this brilliant Pinot Noir conference in Wellington.

Marquis Sauvage of Burn Cottage, and below the Burn Cottage tattoo on his leg, which took 4 h and was v painful.

Dorien Vermaas of Staete Landt

Larry McKenna and Bob Campbell

Clive Dougall of Seresin

Dawn Davies and Oz Clarke

Sam Neill, Two Paddocks

Duncan Forsyth, Mount Edward

Anna Flowerday, TWR

Jo and Nick Mills, Rippon

Jeff Sinnott, Ostler

Grant Taylor, Valli

More to follow…

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2 thoughts on “Some Pinot Noir 2013 people

  1. A nice photo collage of some of the people in the Kiwi Pinot Noir scence, I’m looking forward to your upcoming coverage of this major Pinot Noir event.

    Last week I read on wine about what Matt Kramer said that currently only Burgundy can make ‘great’ Pinot Noir. Firstly of course is the question; what is your criteria for ‘great Pinot Noir; as wine like music, cuisine, art is all rather subjective.

    His other comment that I found strange was that atheists can’t make great Pinot, what?!

    Anyways I am curious as to what are your thoughts on this mysterious and divisive subject. I think the key element in Burgundian Pinot Noir is two things: terrior and history.

    It will be a long time before anyone can seriously challenge Pinot Noir from Burgundy; but saying that other regions can’t make great Pinot is going to far. I also think his listing of emerging Pinot regions was quite limited in that he didn’t mention Casablanca, Ahr & Baden or Plafz, Yarra Valley, Strathbogie Ranges, Franschhoek Vallery and the list goes on.

    Hope to hear your thoughts on this and looking forward to more coverage of Pinot Noir NZ 2013

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