Some highlights from the Majestic Press tasting, part 1


Some highlights from the Majestic Press tasting, part 1

Majestic are great. They can be a bit tough on suppliers (they once threatened to delist all Portuguese wines because ViniPortugal decided to stop giving a wad of cash as promotional support), but their range has plenty of interest for wine lovers, and prices can be very attractive on their regular promotional offers. Today was their press tasting, and I found lots to like. A few stand-outs:

Gewurztraminer can be a bit blowsy and over the top, but here’s a really serious one, with a savoury side. Zind Humbrecht 2011, £11.99 on multibuy, one I’ll be getting some of. Just a hint of sweetness here.

Probably my favourite wine of the tasting. Utterly profound, this 30 year old Palo Cortado from Gonzalez Byass is a mind-altering wine for thoughtful sipping, and it’s only £16.99. It has an eternal finish.

The world needs good affordable wine, and at £6.99 on multibuy this is actually quite serious, with lovely texture and personality. It’s a Fiano from Surani, and it ROCKS.

Oddbins used to carry the Vouvrays from Aubuisieres way back, and so it’s good to see them on UK shelves again. This Cuvee des Perruches is a fruity, intense Chenin with a tiny hint of sweetness and lovely apple, pear and straw notes. You can cellar it, too. Just £8.99 on multibuy. It’s proper wine.

Martinborough’s Te Tera Pinot Noir is one of my regular go-to wines for that Kiwi Pinot hit. It shows juicy, bright cherry fruit with a subtly meaty, spicy edge and even a bit of minerality. At £13.99 on multibuy this delivers.

One of the best value wines in the tasting: £7.49 (again, on multibuy) gets you this sweetly fruited, dense southern red with meaty black fruits and notes of olives and charcuterie. Seductive and more-ish, I could drink a lot of this.

That’s all for now. Maybe a few more highlights tomorrow.

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