Sad news about David Booth


Sad news about David Booth

Very sad to learn today about the death of David Booth. A British expat, he turned to wine after a successful army career, and became a well known viticultural consultant in Portugal. His client list included Terras de Alter, Azamor, Vida Nova and Vale de Algares, and he also had his own project, Alentejo winery Fita Preta, which was a collaboration with winemaker António Maçanita.

I didn’t know David all that well, but whenever I spoke with him he was engaging and charming. His Fita Preta wines impressed, as did the lower priced second label ‘Sexy’. And he featured heavily in the ripeness chapter in Authentic Wine, explaining clearly the sorts of viticultural interventions that could help achieve full ripeness at sane alcohol levels.

David was just 47, and died of a heart attack. This is the only picture I have of him, which I took at the 2007 International Wine Challenge awards dinner.

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6 thoughts on “Sad news about David Booth

  1. David was a really nice guy, and this news is just so sad. He helped me a lot with viticultrual questions as part of my MW studies, and nothing was ever too much trouble. I think it’s a mark of a truly good person that they give without ever expecting anything back. David was like that.

  2. I met David for the first time in June 2011 at IWC where (by the people he introduced me to) it was obvious he had an abundance of great friends with great respect for him in the Wine business. We spent much time with him in the last year, having fun whilst promoting the terrific SEXY through very alternative channels in the UK. His untimely death at such a young age is a reminder to us to do as David did: live life with passion and enthusiasm for all the things that are most important to you and bring joy and love to your family, friends and colleagues. David Booth RIP. Long live SEXY.

  3. Dear David,
    just left us in a phase we wanted to start over with your help!
    Miss you saying “was good to have talked to you Jorg”

    Best wishes, keep you always in mind!!

  4. I had the privilege to serve with David Booth and was very saddened to hear he has passed away…I have some photo’s of David and if you send a email I will be pleased to send you a copy…All Rifleman from The 1st Battalion The Royal Green Jackets will remember a brother Rifleman…

    R.I.P Chosen Man Celer et Audax

  5. Thank you for you kind comments on David. I am married to his cousin. We both loved him as he was kind and so interesting. He served his country which makes him greater than those that have not-whether you agree or not! The man was epic. he then went on to be an expert vintner. So proud of David1

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