Rugby, Football, Lapierre, Sauvignon and Suduiraut


Rugby, Football, Lapierre, Sauvignon and Suduiraut

A slightly after the fact blog post, this. It’s basically all about Sunday, which was a remarkable day on many accounts, and topped with some nice wines.

First of all, the rugby World Cup Final. A splendid game, tight and exciting, with the right team winning. Wish I’d stayed on a few more days for the final, but it wasn’t to be. There will be a lot of sore heads in New Zealand right now: Monday was a public holiday.

And I can’t let the momentous game at the Theatre of DreamsTM go unremarked upon. City absolutely stuffed United on United’s own home turf. 6-1. Who’d have thought it?

Millie the pug, Puppy and Rosie

Sunday was also remarkable for the weather. It was 20 degrees and sunny, and this in late October. Sweet as, as my Kiwi friends would say.

We lunched at my sister’s in Gerrards Cross, and brother-in-law Beavington pulled out some appropriately nice wines.

Seven Springs Sauvignon Blanc 2010 Overberg, South Africa
I really liked this the first time I tried it, and its appeal has persisted. Lively aromatics with lovely grapefruit and citrus fruit. Fresh, pure, aromatic and lively. Lovely fruit purity. 90/100

Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc 2010 Marlborough, New Zealand
Distinctive stuff with a pronounced green pepper/herbal edge to the ripe, boldly flavoured fruit on the palate. Real gooseberry characters, with lots of interest. 89/100

M Lapierre Morgon 2009 Beaujolais
I was really interested to try this, from Marcel Lapierre’s final vintage. It shows ripe yet elegant raspberry and cherry fruit. Beautifully judged with a bit of savoury, grippy structure under the elegant fruit. Nice black cherry fruit here. Fine and expressive. 91/100

Château Suduiraut 1997 Sauternes
Golden bronze colour, this is rich and powerful with apricot, honey, crystallized fruits and marmalade notes. Intense, sweet and very rich. Some creme brulee character, too. Fabulous. 94/100

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10 thoughts on “Rugby, Football, Lapierre, Sauvignon and Suduiraut

  1. Fascinating to see Greywacke from Kevin Judd getting 89/100 versus Brancott Estate’s Sauvignon garnering 90/100 a few posts earlier. Down to the older age of Greywacke, or is there really such little difference between the giant brands and the ‘niche’ Sauvignons from Marlborough? That Suduiraut that scored 94/100 would’ve had by far the highest sulphur dioxide levels too, right? An interesting factor within the ‘natural’/’authentic’ wine debate don’t you think?

  2. On this showing, on this day, the Greywacke was a little too strong in the green/herbal dimension – and the 2011 Brancott for me would be a slightly better drink on account of its lovely aromatics and freshness

  3. 6-1 whatever, the law of averages says you’ll win one once in a while, enjoy it whilst it lasts you clown…

  4. that’s cool, I’m glad you’re enjoying it, now you know what United fans have been feeling like for the las 20 yers or so…

  5. Interesting comment on the Greywacke, there’s some that like the older style of Sauvignon, something I think Marlborough has yet to prove is worthwhile. Tried the 2011 a few days ago and was surprised because it seems much more muted than I remember the 2010 when it first came over, but from your comment Jamie you’d prefer that.
    As for footy; I’m a Southampton supporter so will say no more! 😉

  6. Cream always rises to the top – New Zealand = best rugby side at the World Cup and Sauternes = best Bordeaux wine! 1997 Suduiraut is tasting great now and 1997 will be an interesting vintage to compare to the 2011’s next April.

  7. I’m surprised you forgot to mention the helpline for distraught Man U fans, which is 0161-616161.

  8. Glad you still like our first attempt at winemaking Jamie. Also bear in mind that this wine was produced from only 3rd year vines, very young vines, so I am really chuffed again by your comments. It will be very interesting to see how our Sauvignon Blanc develops as the vines age. I will let you have some of the 2010 Chardonnay and Syrah when we have it over here.

    Tim Pearson
    Seven Springs Vineyard

  9. I have yet to try my sample of the 7 springs kindly donated by Tim Pearson on his last visit to Italy, so I am sooo pleased all these great reports are cropping up!

    I think it will need to be top of my tasting list when I get back from the UK in mid November!

    Tim’s head will be swelling with pride no doubt 🙂

    David Kelly

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