RTL update


RTL update

Non wine related: an update on Rosie The Labradoodle.

Today we took her to be mated, by her old chum Diglett. Two years ago she had her first litter, and the puppies brought so much joy to people, we thought we’d repeat the experience.

This was the first time I’d seen the process (I didn’t attend the last mating session), so it was an interesting experience.

Once Diglett had made his first move, the two dogs ‘tied’, going back to back for around 20 minutes. Then RTL released him, and it was all over. If all has gone according to plan, RTL should have some babies at the end of November.

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6 thoughts on “RTL update

  1. “the puppies brought so much joy to people, we thought we’d repeat the experience”

    …and the money you’ll make from it didn’t even enter your head, I suppose?

  2. My mistake. Will they all be given away?
    That would be a generous gesture, given that they will be pedigree puppies!

  3. John, we will sell the puppies, and – yes – £££ will be most welcome. Last time we sold them for below the market rate, and were quite selective about who bought them – we’ve kept in contact with most of the owners, and have had a reunion. It was very satisfying to see how well the dogs were doing.

    The thing about Labradoodles is that they aren’t pedigree puppies. They’re officially cross-breeds, which is a good thing, because they tend to be healthier than pure-bred (inbred) puppies, and they are cheaper to insure.

  4. Thank you, Jamie, for clarifying.
    I’m sure it’s very rewarding, and especially if they go to good homes.

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