Portuguese wines at half price


Portuguese wines at half price

Just a quick alert. Online retailer of Portuguese wines Castas are having a half-price sale of some rather good Portuguese wines, and unlike most ‘half-price’ sales, this is a genuine one.

Visit Castas’ website, and use the voucher code january2011 for a 50% reduction

Minimum order before reduction is £150

My top tip? Anything by Alvaro Castro, but there’s lots of good wine here from other producers too. [I have no commercial connection to this offer, or to Castas, although until recently they were sponsors of this site.] Sale ends 16th January.

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5 thoughts on “Portuguese wines at half price

  1. the “shop” page on their site keeps flashing up “untrusted connection” messages…

  2. There is only a few bottles of ALvaro Castro left, but still Quinta da Bica from Dão as well.
    Poema, Vale de Algares selection white they are also available, they have been chosen by Sarah Ahmed for the 50 Great Portuguese wines last year.

    Hope you enjoy the wines.

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