Port, Beer and Meursault


Port, Beer and Meursault

I’m off to the Loire tomorrow for three days. Today, though, was filled with a mix of activity.

After walking the dogs in lovely spring sunshine, I headed off to London Bridge for the Big Fortified Tasting. I love fortified wines, and the big draw was a chance to taste some 30 samples of 2011 Vintage Ports. It really is a superb vintage, and if prices don’t creep upwards too much, I shall buy some. Write up to come.

Heading back to London Bridge station, I saw that the Oddbins branch had some Kernel beers in stock. Now Kernel is the Lafite of English craft beers, and you hardly ever see these beers available on retail. They are mind-blowing, so I picked up six different bottles. As an aside, Oddbins has a very nice-looking wine selection theese days. It reminds me of Oddbins of old, with some quirky cool things in the mix.

I drank two of the beers tonight: the Galaxy Pale Ale and the Table Beer. Both are brilliant: edgy but balanced with lots of flavour, and the distinct hoppiness really well integrated with the other flavours.

Then it was off to meet Jason Lett of The Eyrie Vineyards, who I visited back in 2008. We shared a beer (Tribute) in a pub round the corner from the British Museum, and had a chat about the 2014 International Pinot Noir Celebration.

Then I had an appointment at The Perfect Cellar, an online wine retailer located in the Clerkenwell Collection, a luxury retail space. We shared a wine as we chatted, and it was a pretty smart Meursault:

Domaine Parigot Meursault ‘Les Vireuils Dessous’ 2010 Burgundy, France
Lemony and precise with a hint of matchstick minerality and lovely focused flavours, with just a tint hint of toasty richness complementing the fresh citrussy fruit. Lovely balance here: not a heavy with, but showing real poise and presence. 93/100 (£32.99 The Perfect Cellar)

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3 thoughts on “Port, Beer and Meursault

  1. We get Kernel by the truck load in Leeds, thanks to Beer Ritz.

    1890 Export Stout is by far and away, the best beer I drink on a regular basis. Though Table Beer runs it close, based mainly on the strength, or lack of it for a Kernel Beer. If they ever wanted to do it, I reckon they could turn Table Beer in to a clean, non-Bottle conditioned beer and kill the supermarket “bitter” trade. Nothing would come close to it.

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