No wine tonight, but travel woes


No wine tonight, but travel woes

So the world’s worst airline was late tonight. No stupid corny car horn hoot as the plane landed past midnight at Stansted for Ryanair tonight. Problem is, arriving this late takes away travel options. I’m now waiting for the 0135 bus to Heathrow, from where I’ll get another bus to home.

The irony is had the flight left on time, I would only just have made it. Francesco from Lallemand who was hosting me left four hours for us to get from Pollenza to Bergamo, and we ended up needing them all, after getting snarled in traffic on the ring road round Milano.

It’s a horrible feeling being stuck in traffic when you have a plane to catch, and where the consequences of missing that plane are really complicated (and to a degree unknown). Still, it looks like I will be in my own bed tonight, at least for a couple of hours.

Older son returns home from boarding school tomorrow for the summer holidays. It will be good to see him – I just hope he and younger son can live together in relative peace for the next eight weeks.

No wine the last two nights. I’ll be opening some nice bottles tomorrow night. There are plenty in the tasting queue. Talking of queues, that’s one of the things I hate about Ryanair – the way everyone has to queue for ages, anxiously. And then it’s really messy as everyone tries to fit all their huge pieces of hand luggage into the overhead lockers. And I really hate the hard plastic seat backs, and the constant attempt to sell you stuff.

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8 thoughts on “No wine tonight, but travel woes

  1. Was that the only airline you could travel on? Tend to find that you get what you pay for in life, and I try whenever possible to avoid cheap carriers like Ryanair and Easyjet.

  2. At least easyJet staff smile occasionally. And they fly Gatwick-Malpensa which is much more convenient. Bergamo is a living hell for Piedmont-bound travellers – as you found Jamie with the Milan ring road.

  3. Can only agree. Have stopped flying with the cheap ones because it will only end up giving me a heart attack. In my case though, it’s easy to pick another one since Ryanair in Sweden departs from Skavsta which is far away from us.

    As Keith says, you get what you pay for but what to do when you don’t pay 😉



    Hope you got some sleep…

  4. I loathe Ryanair too, of course. Easyjet are definitely a bit better. And yes, I have used low-costs in India, Philippines, Mexico, and elsewhere and never found one as horrible as Ryanair.

    It’s not just price tho – if you want to go to smaller cities, or places that are a bit out of the way, Ryanair is often the only practical option.

  5. Yes an utterly contemptable comany who happen to fly to places I want to go.

    I suffer the pain to travel where I want to get to, but would gladly choose any other option. Good on the Italians in Caselle airport, who completely disregarded the ‘priority booking’ charade and just got everyone on the plane.

    Latest crass commercialism is the announcement of “A safety announcement with a difference” that precedes an advert. Such bare-faced commercialism, trading on the back of a legal necessity shows all you need to know about the organisation.



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