My wine, 2006 vintage


My wine, 2006 vintage

Just opened a bottle of the wine I made in 2006 (see my blog posts from then here and here.) After bottling, I was disappointed: it had a bit of a prickle to it, presumably from an incomplete malo. But a few years down the line, it’s looking really nice. Fresh, with cherry and berry fruits, and a nicely sappy quality. A bit like a Loire red in style. No harshness at all.

I have 23 bottles left. I was expecting to have to pour them away, but this is really drinkable. A nice ending to a bit of fun.

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5 thoughts on “My wine, 2006 vintage

  1. “A bit like a Loire red in style”

    Which of the many styles of red available in the Loire would that be Jamie? Bit of a broad brush, don’t you think, especially from a past Cabernet Franc ambassador?

  2. Chris, your point is a good one, but Loire reds do tend to share certain characteristics – fresh, bright, sappy, a hint of chalk/gravel, vibrant red fruits, good acidity – there’s a loose theme and often you can spot them blind as being from the Loire, which I think supports my point.

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