More Top 100 judging


More Top 100 judging

St James

Yesterday was another glorious day, most of which was spent judging wines.

This year’s Top 100 South African Wines has seen a higher standard of entries than last year. In part, this reflects the fast pace of change here: South African wines are getting better each year at the top end.

But it probably also stems from the increased confidence in the competition: last year, many people didn’t enter because they weren’t sure it would succeed.

I’ve enjoyed judging a lot. It’s a great setting here in St James, Cape Town. Literally yards from the sea, it’s easy to relax between sessions. And the judges are great. We have really enjoyed our interactions.


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  1. It will be very interesting to learn what wines and wineries did enter. It was the high cost of entry and terms that put many off last year.

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