More Pinot Noir 2013 people


More Pinot Noir 2013 people

Pinot Noir 2013 has finished, and I’m exhausted. It was amazing, and I’ll write a lot more about it. For now, some more pictures of the pinot people.

Sherwyn Veldhuizen, Bell Hill

Kai Schubert and Marion Deimling, Schubert

Zinta Steprans dancing with Oz Clarke

Blair Walter with the Lifford girls, Joanna Steele and Nicole Campbell

John Szabo, me and Steven Campbell

John Belsham and Kelly Brown, Foxes Island

Alistair Maling (Villa Maria), flanked by ?? (sorry) and Jen Parr

Hiroyuki Kusuda

Helen Masters, Ata Rangi, with Zinta Steprans

Chuck Hayward of JJ Buckley

Don’t forget about the beer! Wellington’s Garage Project beer company, with a special beer aged in Pinot casks

The famous after party

Will Hoare, Fromm, with David Strada in the background

Gordon Russell, Esk Valley

David Brookes, Judy Sarris and Lance Redgwell

James Healy, Dog Point

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