Mixing the personal and professional


Mixing the personal and professional

One of the questions facing me as someone who primarily functions online, with a heavy reliance on social media, is how much I should mix the personal and professional.

I’m not sure I have the answer to this. I’m quite an open person, and so I tend to just let things happen organically. Which means that in more informal means of communication, such as this blog, there’s lots of personal stuff attached to the professional (wine-related) content.

It’s not that I think I’m the story. Far from it. I don’t matter. It’s the wine, and the people involved with it, that are important. This is one of the reasons I’m uncomfortable with critics who take themselves and their scores too seriously. Journalists and critics should be humble in the face of wine.

Today I have been down to Somerset for my elder son’s sports day. It’s also half-term for him. He was involved in quite a few events, and is pictured here lining up for the 800 m (which he competed in just after taking part in the 3000 m race, poor chap), and also doing the triple jump.

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  1. “(which he competed in just after taking part in the 3000 m race, poor chap)”
    Why poor chap? Presumably he chose to take part……or did you make him?

  2. Mixing the personal and the professional: I have the same dilemma! If I write exclusively about the technical aspects of winemaking, then it would be really boring (I suppose) because readers could just read that stuff in a textbook or online manual. But on the other hand, my personal non-wine-related stuff must also be pretty boring to people too, no? I really have no idea how to do it, as 1) I’m not a writer and 2) useless at social media! I think the reason I write my blog is so people can have information on the types of wines I make, how I make them, etc, ie a lot more than can be printed on a label; maybe some personal anecdotes help to complement the technical stuff and makes it more interesting to read. I dont know – I just jumped in at the deep end about two years ago and started posting, without a ‘strategy’ or ‘goals’ and here we are!!!

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