Making coffee: my new toy


Making coffee: my new toy

I’m not a coffee geek. But I am interested in coffee, although I know there’s a great deal to learn about the subject (including some juicy flavour chemistry).

I’ve just written up a seminar I attended some time back given by coffee expert James Hoffmann (you can read this here). The write-up was prompted by my new toy – a Hario hand coffee grinder. (£39 from James’ Square Mile Coffee Roasters here.)

It’s a really satisfying way to make coffee, and I’ve now ditched my Gaggia espresso maker, which I never really got on with. The grinder is a ceramic burr, which is a good thing (blade grinders are bad), and the freshly ground coffee is then extracted using another piece of Hario kit: the V60 porcelain brewer (here).

It’s a really fun way to make coffee, and the results are really good.

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10 thoughts on “Making coffee: my new toy

  1. Oh god, the ’70’s are back. Drip coffee with paper filters. Next you will be putting milk in it (organic, free range of course – don’t want to ruin that no-solvents used here paper taste). Pass me a tea please.

  2. Not at all. I’d heard that Nespresso had beaten loads of other top-rated coffees in blind tastings. All the pods stay fresh, don’t they?

  3. John is winding everyone up, I suspect. I remember there was a big discussion of nespresso here a while back – googling nespresso and wineanorak will bring it up

  4. Richard, I think you’re being rather rude.
    I don’t own a Nespresso, but I have heard they beat a load of other good coffees in a blind tasting. I’ve tried them a few times and they are very tasty, but I’m no expert. when I said much better I meant in terms of ease of use with still good quality.

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