IWC, the final day


IWC, the final day

Table 9, day 9

So, tasting has finished at the world’s biggest and best blind tasting wine competition. Day 9 of judging at the International Wine Challenge was, from the perspective of table 9 at least, a very good one, with some nice wines.

Preparing a pitch at Lord's

We began the day with a flight of vintage Champagnes, with 1996 the youngest and 1981 the oldest. Really interesting: with the older wines, personal taste comes into it a little, making them harder to judge. That’s why we have panels, though.

Alas Wadsack and Jones

I have really enjoyed the last two weeks. The best thing? The people. The interaction with fellow judges and also the IWC team – a dedicated, skilled bunch who have performed brilliantly. I love the wine trade: it is full of interesting, diverse, friendly, curious people. And it’s a relatively small business, so you can’t afford to have feuds or massive egos or personality clashes. You just have to get on with each other.

Willie Lebus ambush marketing for toothpaste

One thing I love about the IWC is the way that it combines being professional with a good dollop of fun. From Charles Metclafe’s jovial briefing at 0930, through the flights arriving and the co-chairs (mainly Tim Atkin) treating us to their iPod playlists, to the inter-judge banter, humour and good will make hard work enjoyable.

So, a lie in tomorrow. But even though I’m tired, part of me wishes that the last two weeks could continue.

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  1. Willie’s sartorial style could only be rivalled by Chester Osborn’s. A flair that knows no bounds.

    Great reading – thanks.

  2. Not knocking the IWC ,as I am sure it is superbly run etc etc .
    But how many of the better wineries in the various countries,actually enter?

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