In Seattle: Le Pichet and Bar Melusine

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In Seattle: Le Pichet and Bar Melusine


There are few compelling reasons to be rich. But one of them is so that you have enough budget to eat out all the time. While I was in Seattle for the Riesling Rendezvous conference, I ate at two rather different places. I recommend them both.

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The first was Le Pichet. It’s a small French cafe in Pike Place, and it’s a delight. Simple, well prepared French dishes and a cracking wine list. No frills. Just the sort of place that you’d like to eat at every day, and could probably afford to, too. We stopped in for a quick lunch, and washed it down with a couple of glasses from Jean Paul Brun in the Beaujolais: the Terres Dorees Cuvée L’Ancien red 2014 (so elegant and refined) and the Terres Dorees Chardonnay 2014 (taut and mineral).


The second was Bar Melusine. This relatively new, and it’s a distinctly themed, informal but stylish sort of place. The theme is the Atlantic coast of France: Normandy and Brittany. There’s a special emphasis on seafood, and the star turn here is locally sourced oysters.


Four of us dined very well on lots of oysters, some fried fish skin, a salad, and roasted carrots. The wine list is quite singular, not trying to cover all the bases, but focusing on wines that serve this distinctive menu well. The result is great: lots of Muscadet, and some good representation from other parts of the Loire.




Bar Melusine is the sort of place I’d like to eat out at often. Unlike Le Pichet, though, it isn’t that affordable. You can rack up quite a big bill here fairly quickly. I blame the oysters, but the food and setting are so good, it’s worth it.

How are you going to spend your money? On things? Or experiences? I vote for the latter.

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  1. So, on the North Pacific coast of the USA, a restaurant specialising in food from ‘… the Atlantic coast of France…’!

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