My modest harvest took place today under ideal conditions. Three varieties were picked. First, Pinot Noir. Nicely ripe, about 10% of berries affected by rot. Bacchus: unfortunately not very much, but the berries were in perfect condition and tasted great. Then Phoenix, a heavy cropper, but about 50% of the berries were affected by botrytis and other fungi: heavy rain had caused some to split, which led to disaster.

Because of the amount of rot, I had to hand destem all the healthy berries. For the first time, I used a little sulfur dioxide for the white in case there is any laccase present from the rot (although I tried not to let any rotten berries through my draconian selection). Quantities are tiny, of course, so it will be interesting to see whether anything drinkable results.

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  1. Hi Jamie, sorry just to check – I am under the impression that laccase is SO2 resistant? Am I incorrect?

  2. I’ve just planted a Muller Thurgau vine, courtesy of my friends at the Urban Wine Company. It certainly looks an attractive addition to the garden (although currently in a trough in a sunny spot).

    Looking forward to hearing more about your vintage…

  3. If I may, yes, there is little action of SO2 against lacasse, and what’s even scarier is to know that healthy looking grapes may indeed contain the enzime. You’ll know it in a few weeks if the resulting wine gets oxidized faster than usual.
    regards from Chile in spring

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