Good affordable Pinot and Chobham common


Good affordable Pinot and Chobham common

Drinking a very nice, affordable Pinot Noir as I type. It’s Villa Maria Private Bin 2009 Marlborough, New Zealand (£9.99 Sainsbury, Tesco, Coop, Wholefoods, NZ House of Wine). Fresh and sappy with bright cherry fruit and lovely savoury spiciness, this is deliciously drinkable but also has a hint of seriousness. I can’t really think of a better Pinot Noir at this price. Can you?

It has been a nice day. After a late night, the Goode family didn’t stir until 10 am, with the exception of one of our cats, who molests us until we feed him at 7 am every day. He just doesn’t give up. Paw in the face. Even a pillow over the head is no defence.

We had a nice walk with friends this afternoon on Chobham common. It’s an example of an unnatural habitat – lowland heath – that is worth preserving, because of its ecological diversity. Hounslow Heath, much nearer to us, is another example of a lowland heath. Unfortunately, these habitats are under threat, and take quite a bit of work to maintain. But they have a real beauty. Chobham common is one of the most important examples of this habitat in Europe, apparently.

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  1. Just picked up a couple of bottles at our local Sommerfields / Coop at £7.99.
    Also had the 2008 mixed in at the same price.
    It appeared to be a ‘true’ bin end, the following day the store was rebranded. I wonder how many purchased it for what it was; and how much was sold off to consumers buying at a price point, who now will have an unrealistic expectation of £8 NZ Pinot Noir?
    I think the superstore next door has an £18 ‘generic finest’ waiting to be on offer for a fiver next week!

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