FFS update


FFS update

There’s been too much wine talk here of late. I haven’t blogged much about our puppy, aka the Fat Furry Slug (FFS).

FFS is beautiful and not as fat as she was. She is full of beans, and we’ve had to puppy proof everything downstairs (for example, she chewed through the telephone cable a few days ago).

It’s lovely seeing the mother/daughter relationship between FFS and RTL. RTL is very patient, and seems to enjoy boisterous puppy play. This makes up for the fact that FFS, as a singleton pup, is deprived the company of littermates. It’s meant that we have to make a special effort to engage her.

But, like all puppies, she poos and wees more than you’d think any creature this size is capable of. A pooing, weeing, biting machine.

On Monday she’ll be 8 weeks old, and we’ll need to start finding her a new home pretty promptly.

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3 thoughts on “FFS update

  1. ‘….. we’ll need to start finding her a new home pretty promptly.’
    From the look of her she knows it!

  2. My dog Jess needs a friend and my house mate wants a lab pup?
    If she is still available I can give her a good home

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