England v Australia: great rugby preceded by great wine


England v Australia: great rugby preceded by great wine

What a great afternoon. I went to Twickenham to watch England versus Australia, preceded by lunch in St Margarets. It was at a small BYO cafe, so two of us enjoyed three wines (we didn’t finish them all…). First up, Mount Horrocks Riesling 2001 Clare Valley, which is ageing very nicely. Fresh and citrussy with some floral lift and nice density. Then something at the other end of the flavour spectrum. Carrying its 15.5% alcohol miraculously well, the Wirra Wirra Chook Block 2002 McLaren Vale is in a good place at the moment: dark, concentrated, smooth and with lovely integration of flavours. Really superb. Finally, Gros Nore Bandol 2000 is ageing fabulously, too, with dark, spicy, meaty depth.

The game was brilliant. I don’t think I’ve seen such a good game of rugby. England played incredibly well, and the highlight was a try scored from almost the England line, by Ashton who ran probably 90 yards. Great atmosphere. The Aussies had some good moments, but got hammered.

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6 thoughts on “England v Australia: great rugby preceded by great wine

  1. Amazed that someone who calls himself “William Beavington” has the temerity to question the names of others. Yes, it is my real name. A bit boring, I know, but it’s the only one I have.

    No, just wondered about the tickets. Have always fancied going to a game, but I heard that you had to be a member of a rugby club or an official England fan to get them.

  2. If you are an Aussie, you have to get them through the Fanatics and show your passport – not sure if you are a Pom.

  3. John – that’s great – there’s a history of someone else calling themselves “John Smith” so “no worries” as we Australians would say. Temerity is an impressive word.

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