Down in Somerset


Down in Somerset

So we spent today down in Somerset. It was elder son’s school’s summer fare. Because he’s at an agricultural school, there was a distinctly rural feel to events.

As well as a classic car display, there was a classic tractor display. And in the main ring, we had a tug of war competition preceded by a cow show (apologies if this isn’t the technical term).

This involved parading cows and bulls of a range of shapes and sizes. Some needed cajoling; there was also a tricky moment when a young bull mounted a young cow. The boys, to their credit, took this all in their stride.

Now, back at home, I’m enjoying a glass of BrewDog’s wonderfully flavourful IPA (the most fun you can have for £1.49, Tesco), and also a surprisingly fantastic Hermitage 2007 from Cave de Tain l’Hermitage, which I shall blog on separately.

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