Domestic stuff


Domestic stuff

I know some readers encourage me just to stick to wine. But I also know that some like to know a bit more about the context of me as a wine writer, which is why I occasionally include personal stuff on this blog. If you don’t like this, please feel free to pass over it.

It has been a busy weekend. Yesterday we headed out west to pick up older son from his boarding school. Since he started there in the summer term he has flourished. It’s a small school, with 150 pupils, of which 130 board. It’s main focus is on agriculture, and there’s a working farm there. Many of the boys actually come from farming families.

The day began with a harvest service, and then the school cross country competition. All the boys had to run. When elder son started at the school, he was significantly overweight. Now he isn’t, and he finished the race in a respectable position considering that not long ago he wouldn’t have made it round the course. Then, after lunch, he played rugby. Again, this is something he wouldn’t have done at his previous school. It is incredible how much difference a good school environment can make to a child.

Dog matters: RTL is still wearing a lampshade. I took her for a walk in glorious sunshine on Hounslow Heath today. She’s got used to the lampshade and is no longer sulking, but whenever we have tried removing it, she has groomed the sore spot on her backside excessively, so we have had to put it back on her.

More trivial domestic detail. Our dishwasher has died. I’ve diagnosed the problem: a leak has been tripping the kill switch. So today I have taken it apart and sealed the leak. It is no trivial feat, but if the repair has worked it has saved us some £££. Devices like these are effectively disposable. Getting a professional out to repair them costs more than they are worth. I feel bad about this, because I’d like to live more sustainably.

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  1. Jamie…you made a correct decision with the schooling. Here in Germany I despair at what goes on in schools…and it is no better in the UK. The old school discipline, the local bobby discipline..has all but disappeared. They talk about changing it…but most teachers have long given up hope. You see an instant change in your son…which must give immense satisfaction. The only thing you have to worry about now is…you weighing more than he does…

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