Docklands Museum and the Majestic press tasting


Docklands Museum and the Majestic press tasting

Headed off to meet with some friends at lunchtime. The meeting place was interesting: the Museum of London, Docklands. I’ve lived in London since 1992, but there are still places I’ve never been in the capital. This was one of them.

I visit the Docklands rarely, and it’s a bit like visiting another city. The musuem was opened in 2003, and occupies an old warehouse in Canary Wharf. It’s free, and because I arrived a little early I had a look around. I was gripped (I love history, although I never really studied it at school), and will be back. It tells the story of this interesting part of London from ancient history to the present.

Then  it was off to the Majestic press tasting. Overall quality was admirably consistent, and below are some of my favourites.

Fabulously rich yet well defined Cotes du Rhone Villages Plan de Dieu from Domaine Durieu (£8.99 offer price)

One of New Zealand’s best Pinot Noirs – silky, smooth, elegant – expensive but worth it.

One of the world’s best Viogniers, and just £10.99. Stunning.

Just a tenner for this utterly world class off-dry Riesling.

Love the label on this quite serious, ripe, open Spanish Grenache (Garnacha). At £8 a steal (Salvage del Moncayo La Garnacha 2010).

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