Discovering vineyards in the Languedoc

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Discovering vineyards in the Languedoc

I’m currently in the Languedoc region of southern France, on a discovery mission. I’m visiting lots of producers (most of whom are new to me) whose goal is to make intelligent interpretations of some of the terroirs here. I’ve only been here two days, and already it’s clear that the Languedoc has many stunning vineyards, and lots of potential for making really interesting wines. Quite a few people are tapping this potential, but there stories aren’t well told. For now, a few pictures. Full write-ups to come.

Grenache Noir
Old Carignan on limestone soils
Limestone and clay soils with lots of stones

Grenache Gris

Ancient Carignan bush vines


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  1. Pleased to see that you are out discovering the Languedoc. I think you are right: great vineyards but their stories aren’t well told. Looking forward to the write up.

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