Clayver: a new ceramic vessel for elevage


Clayver: a new ceramic vessel for elevage

Picture courtesy Jarkko Peranen
Picture courtesy Jarkko Peranen

I have just written up the wines of Candialle, a Chianti producer run by ex-pat Finnish winegrower Jarkko Peränen. He has been experimenting with a new vessel for fermenting and ageing wine, called Clayver.

First we had oak barrels, then concrete eggs, then back to terracotta, and now? Ceramic balls.

Jarkko has 10% of the world’s production of these balls. They are  made by a Genoa-based engineer, who is a wine freak. The balls are fired at almost twice the temperature of terracotta, and they are completely neutral (small amphorae release some taste to the wine). They are sealed with a heavy glass lid.

Clayver’s allow one-tenth the oxygen transmission that barrels do, and the great thing is that they are priced at just 700 Euros each, although the stands used to support them cost a further 250 Euros. This is (with the stand) just a little more than a good quality barrel, and presumably they last for every – or until you knock them with a fork lift.

As well as the 250 litre balls, you can get slightly larger sizes, which are more of an oval shape. I think they are really interesting, and the shape could be good for fermentation dynamics. So, when we visit wineries, instead of inspecting barrel cellars, we’ll soon be seeing ball halls!

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4 thoughts on “Clayver: a new ceramic vessel for elevage

  1. Thank you Jamie for the nice words.
    We are proud that you appreciate our idea.
    The present prices are a bit higher and everybody is welcome to ask us a quote.

    The Wine Freak 🙂

  2. Interesting things being done with vessels made from different materials, reminds me of a recent visit to a winery at Foz Coa in the Upper Douro where Mateus Nicolau de Almeida is experimenting with tinta barroca aged in concrete, schist and more recently granite. Mateus also has some amazing egg shaped vessels

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