Christmas eve with fizz


Christmas eve with fizz

So, Christmas is here. The preparations have been eventful.

The fat furry slug (FFS) had a bent foot. FFS was trying to walk, and doing quite well, but the front paw was clawed inwards. Trip to vet followed, with an X ray (££) and consultation (£). It turns out like FFS is OK-ish, but we need to keep an eye on her.

Then, yesterday, the TV died. It was a few years old – perhaps 3? – so it died a bit early. But it was the cheapest 32″ TV on ebuyer when I bought it. Too late to turn to ebuyer again (which is fabulously cheap), so a bit of internet research, and then we headed over the road to Argos. I’ve never bought anything in Argos before. It’s bizarre. You get a number from a terminal, pay at another terminal, and then wait for your item to be delivered from the back room.

So we have a new TV. Still cheap – under £300 – but it’s of chav dimensions (37 “) and is pretty good quality.

Today we’ve been getting ready for tomorrow. I had to head into Hounslow with younger son to buy older son’s present. Younger son accidentally called me Santa, which I found quite touching. Then we followed the family ritual of a walk in Bushy Park to see Santa’s reindeer getting ready. RTL, free of FFS, had a lovely time.

This evening we’ve been watching Jim Carrey as Scrooge (and various ghosts of Christmas), washed down with fizz. Veuve Clicquot Demi-Sec went well with Chinese. It’s quite sweet, but also pure and fresh. In almost complete contrast, Selfridges’ own label fizz from Henri Giraud in Ay is really nice with savoury, herby depth and high acidity. Now I need to choose some wines for tomorrow.

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